• 2018,  BabyA2012,  Grieving Mom,  reflection

    My words for Noah

    I could have written for hours. For days. There was so much I could say and that I wanted to say but I settled for what I needed to say. I wish I could have read these words out loud myself but most of the time now I can’t even open my mouth to speak. The tears just flow. My eyes hopefully telling every one what I want to be saying when my actual words are failing. Sorrow. Torment. Love. Thank you. One week ago today I was crawling out of bed to start our usual morning routine when everything came shattering down around us. I still don’t think it…

  • 2018,  BabyA2012


    The word of the day is overwhelmed.   Overwhelmed with emotional torture. Overwhelmed with the physical pain. Overwhelmed with the support. Overwhelmed with love. Overwhelmed with life today.  


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