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24 Weeks=Viability! :)

So I’ve reached another milestone. Remember way back in November/December when I set pregnancy goals for myself. Here’s a quick refresher.

  1. Make it to Trimester 2
  2. Ultrasound on Feb. 10
  3. Viability – March 20
  4. Trimester 3
  5. Being considered full term – June 12th
  6. Delivery Day šŸ™‚

Well here’s to another one scratched off the list. A big one I feel. Now if anything were to happen they would use extraordinary measures on our little boy. Up until yesterday they would have just “sat by” because he would have been too young to try anything. Well, now no matter what happens he’ll have a chance. A chance that gets better and better each week. Now it’s 50/50 but in a few short weeks it would be a 75% survival rate.

It’s not something I worry about. I know BabyA will be fine and probably be late. lol It was just a goal I had set for myself when I was having so many issues.

But here’s to week 24! Now off to Calgary to drop a whole lot of cash on baby items. Gotta love sales and not having many stores here to choose from. Blech. I love how this shirt “masks” how big my belly is…well I think so at least. Ok, I know, I know. My belly is rather large…but it makes my chest look small! haha



  • Michelle

    Congratulations Laura!!!! I am so so happy for you, John and the little bundle of the joy that is well on his way. I was watching your countdown and was so excited when you hit the 24 weeks!!! You are looking absolutely radiant and I look forward to seeing the rest of your updates.

  • Lisa

    Yeah! I’m so excited for you. 24 weeks is an amazing milestone because you know that if anything were to happen then your child has a chance. I was pretty excited to hit week 24 with Austin too.

    I have to ditto Michelle’s comments…you look incredible. Pregnancy suits you well!

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