2009,  House

8 more drives

Just 8 return trips until I no longer have to make this long drive.

8 more trips until I will be in our house.

Our house will be ours. Cutting my commute in half.

One more thing to add to my “pros” list!

The only con in reality is all this money could be going to student loan debt. BOOOOO!

It’s not much different a month than we are paying now in our tiny apt. It’s just the big lump sum we gave away to our builder and lawyer.  It could have made our monthly payments significantly smaller to the devil (aka National Student Loan Service Centre) but we weighed our options. This was the right time to buy.

The perfect house.

Great interest rates.

All the pieces fell in together perfectly.

Had I not had such a close idea of yearly projections of our cash flow I would have been none the wiser. haha

But it’s all worth it in the end. No matter what happens we will get rid of our loans long before the full term and if we waited on buying a house we would have been paying more for the same house for a lot longer than our student loan term that’s for sure.

But honestly, I’m so looking forward to 11 days that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I spend all my waking time thinking about things we need/want. It’s all I can think about.

We did decide that the first thing we are doing, other than a firepit, is finishing our second bathroom. We hope to have both by the end of the summer but we will see what the future holds. But the bathroom is a priority. It would be nice when people come to visit to have a second bathroom and to have a bathroom pretty much off the den, where we will be spending most of our time, would be ideal. Going down one half set of stairs instead of going up two would be more convenient that’s for sure.

So any ideas for decorating a second bathroom would be appreciated. Especially if they are cheaper options or where to get the best product for the cheapest price. haha

It gives me something to plan. Something to try and focus on. And that is hard.

But we get to go into our house for one final last time here on this Friday. It’s inspection time. Also known as, the final walk through. I’m not too concerned. The year bumper to bumper will take care of any concerns.

Help me make these next couple weeks fly!

I can now say I will be a home owner next week.

Holy crap!

It’s NEXT week.

Jeepers Creepers!

We’ve got so much to do.


Holy crap.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.
*I might have just thrown up a little*


  • Jillian

    Im doing the 10 million dollar happy dance lol :taz: so excited for ya, cant wait to see this, a fire pit would be awesome, sitting around the fire, singing drunk and john beating on the guitar as we drink slings, i can picture it now-its awesome

  • Lisa

    Yeah! Owning a house is awesome! I can’t wait to see what you guys do to the place to make it your own! :rodeo:

    • LJ

      Me neither! hehe I have no idea. We’ve been on the hunt for a living room set for the front/great room since March now and can’t find a thing. Well that isn’t like 6000 bucks. So we may have an empty room for a while. hehe

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