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Adios weekend.

So my weekend is over. Well, it’s over in 2 hours and that really sucks! I just want one more day. But no long weekends this week. There is a long weekend next weekend. Pretty saaa-weeeet if you ask me.

I have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Last year we hosted Mom, Greg, & Elaine. The year before it was just J and I but we had Chris to eat our leftovers. The year before that we made it with Kimball. We usually went to Moncton and/or Stellarton as well I do believe. So we did our own thing and had family time. Well this year we might do our own thing but have no family time. No where to travel. No one to visit. Nothing to do. It’s going to be strange. I would love to do Thanksgiving dinner here but it seems like a waste for 2 people. Plus, we’d have to go out and buy a dining room table. (Yes, that’s right we still haven’t gotten around to buying a table. C’mon we haven’t had a big need for it yet and plus, we bought my beautiful Kitchenaid. We have priorities). But we may do it anyways. Or we could go to Calgary I do believe. Last I knew Tanya was having Thanksgiving at her place. But we need to figure things out. We have 5 days to get it figured out. Oh to get our Alberta traditions figured out. Christmas will be especially rough. Don’t even talk to me about that yet. But, first things first. This coming weekend. I really want to make dressing and a turkey and homemade cranberry sauce and lots of scrumptious desserts. Ouuu, that sounds good. Who wants to come visit for Thanksgiving. The whole meal is on me. hahahaha Anyone in the Hat want to do Thanksgiving with us? It will be fun. 😉

So with this weekend being a long weekend I’m sure it will be a record long week at work. But I’ll keep my eye on the prize. A long weekend. But, I’m kind of excited to start the week. I’m not sure why but I’m looking forward to starting another week at work. Bring on the kids and the messy fun.

This past weekend was a good time. We ran errands, bought some things for the apartment, talked to some friends, surfed the net, baked, and went out with Kristin & Pat on Saturday. It was a fun time. Plans were to go bowling but soon that got nixed. Did you know that to go bowling on a Friday or Saturday night in Hat it would cost about $80 for 4 people. A little ridiculous if you ask me. Pat & Kristin agreed so we went to the Dayz Off pub for a couple drinks.

But really, back to bowling. It was $16/pp plus $2.50 shoes/pp notincluding taxes for 2 hours. Craziness. You can’t pay by the hour on Friday/Saturday nights so we scratched that. I’m glad they found that to be expensive/a little unreasonable as well. We were worried that is how it worked out here but we were glad to hear it’s not. We’ll go back to go bowling on another day when it’s not so expensive and we can bowl for however long we want and not have it dictated to us. So that’ll be a good time.

So there are the basic days of Laura’s life. I’ll go into my trials and tribulations another day. No need to waste a semi-upbeat post on that. So enjoy the rest your Sunday evening.

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