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Anatomy Scan is coming up soon

6 sleeps until the detailed anatomy scan at MFM. I’m nervous to say the least. At least they put it all on a tv so I can watch and there’s no secrets like there is here at our local clinic. I hope all checks out ok and gives us some peace of mind to get through pregnancy and meet this little one. I have the list of things to be on the look out for and to talk with the tech about. The last one asked about CHARGE and checked each item as I mentioned it to show the perinatalogist to make sure all looked typical from their end. I got to see typical ears last time, a 3 vessel cord, no small jaw, and a very active baby who was sucking on his thumb which is all something Noah never did. So I hope I leave the scan with some reassurance.

Normally I am anxiously counting down the days to find out what sex the baby is. This time I’m at peace with it and am pretty sure we’re going to wait. But honestly, at any point if we change our minds it’s nothing to call our genetic counselor and get her to give us the info so I’m not worried about missing out on the opportunity. It’s not “now or never”. I also like that it might drive some people insane that we aren’t going to find out. 😉 Who knows though if we will be able to turn down the temptation though when the option is going to be right there in front of us but then again, if the last 2 scans are any indication this baby won’t cooperate any way. Eli is convinced it’s a girl. I subconsciously say “he/him/his” when talking about baby to others, the Dr., or during scans. E will not take “another boy/brother” as an answer. He said he already has “2 of those” and when we tell him it might be a boy he shakes his head and says “nope. It’s my sister.” At the last scan he was watching and kept pointing out hands, etc and saying things to the tech like “That’s my sister. Isn’t she beautiful?”, “those are my sister’s beautiful hands”. We all tried to tell him that we don’t know what baby is and it probably is another boy but he wouldn’t hear of it. He could be in a world of denial come November.

So yea, July 6 is the day we will get a long, in-depth look at this little one. I hope it’s complication free. I’d really like to be able to stay in my home in the last weeks and deliver here in MH. If this baby has complications I’m sure I will be sent off to Calgary to deliver, which is the best option if needed because our hospital does not have the resources or needed specialists. I just hope it’s not something I will have to worry about.

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