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Back to the Future: Teenager Style

Posted by on March 25, 2009

Check out my new grill!

Check out my SWAG.


All this better be worth it is all I can say.

But I will say that they aren’t as bad as I had imagined.

There are no colourful elastics. No big wire. Well, there will be but right now I have a fine wire. Adjustments and bottom brackets will come June 3rd.

I was actually so pleased to hear that I didn’t have elastics around each bracket and I probably won’t need them. I won’t mind if I do but it’s a good way to ween myself into this whole process.  I will have monster elastics down the road to adjust my bite but until then I will enjoy my elastic-less life.

So we are going to track progress (probably weekly).

DAY 1:


2 Responses to Back to the Future: Teenager Style

  1. Meghan

    They don’t look bad at all! Just be thankful its not like my sister and have to have the elastics on every tooth to “wire” your mouth shut! No teeth brushing for a month coupled with no food is unpleasant for everyone 🙂 I still think you’re a hottie 😉

    • Laura

      Yea I guess I shouldn’t complain about my expensive dentist anymore. This is new braces system that I guess works more efficiently and quickly (a good 6-8 months faster) than conventional braces. It takes a lot less fittings and adjustments too (which saves in the end as well). It’s a Damon Braces system that removes the need for elastics on each bracket. But I will get elastics joining my top and bottom teeth sometime in the future.

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