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Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have much to blog about…or maybe I do and my brain just isn’t working. That’s always a possibility. Could it be that my life finally has a lull? But I don’t like that there doesn’t seem to be anything putting fire under my tush. I’m always shooting off about something or someone. 😉

Still nothing on the job front but I’ve been handing out resumes (well faxing resumes and emailing…whatever they prefer). I’d hand them out if I was in Moncton but we are still here and that puts a dampen on in person. However, I have been talking to the people and telling them the situation and things seem to be promising. Hopefully that remains the case.

The floors are clean in the apartment….man, it needed it. Think of all the beer and whatnot that has been spilled on these floors for the past 2 years. Ew. But it’s all clear and gone. Hopefully it’ll help with John’s allergies too. That would be nice. However, they have seemed to have lessened a lot as of recent.

I want people to come visit. You don’t have to sleep in the living room anymore. C’mon. Come to see us….we are fun! 😉 We have Cranium and a couple of gaming systems. hehe The only time we are “taken” is the time Lisa & Gordon have booked off to stay here. May long weekend I do believe. It does get hard not seeing our friends. Halifax is so far away when you are poor 😉 and HERE. That drive blows I know….we’re hoping to go places this summer once we are working. But there is at least one more year here and we won’t really know anyone here so my weekends will be open. Just wanted to let you all know that I miss you and would love to see you.

We had another gong show with Rogers the other day. What else is new eh?! We have one of our cell phones as our house line that only stays in the house and another one that travels with us as a “cell phone.” We started getting worried about daytime minutes and the lack there of….since our evening hours didn’t start until 9 pm!!!! Way too late. Well we called to get that switched like we were told in March we could. However, we got 2 morons the other night. Called last night and actually got someone who helped us. We couldn’t do what we were originally told but he researched lots and found the cheapest way for us to do things. We aren’t in the family plan anymore but this is better and cheaper than what we were looking at. So that’s cool. Daniel was awesome. 😉

Side note–we don’t have caller id and someone keeps calling numerous times in a row and hanging up after voicemail clicks in. We can’t call whoever you are back because we can’t see your number and there is no message. So I hope you aren’t waiting by the phone for us to call back! :p

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