Good Monday Morning to you too….Assholes

How’s this for a Monday morning:

Then you look inside to see this:

That’s right. Window smashed. Stereo gone. If you notice the whole front of the dash panel is demolished. Those aren’t easy to come by. They didn’t seem to take anything else. Not the cds, etc etc. They were just lucky (or knew) that the deck was hidden in the truck. Luckily, we didn’t lock it in the glove box or we’d have bigger problems on our hands. It would have been ripped apart and smashed as well. I guess we are *lucky* that the deck was in there and not upstairs because we’d be even more livid if they smashed our shit and got nothing. After doing all that work of smash and grab, they would have taken it anyway just to fuck us over I’m sure.  They wouldn’t do all that work for nothing.

So there’s my Monday morning. Getting to be late for work, sitting here waiting for the police.

All we know is that it happened sometime after 2 am as J was up studying until then right beside the window that overlooks the truck. Fucking idiots.

We won’t go through insurance since it’s the deck and whatnot, but we’ll still report it. What fucking bullshit. Almost 2 years to the day. It was April 5, 2006 the last time. Now lets mark April 14, 2008 on our calendars as well.

The only difference (other than the date) was that it was the passenger window this time and we were parked outside, not in the underground. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

There’s my reality check….like I needed it…fuck this bullshit.


  • Carli

    Well! Aren’t you just going to have a lovely week. If your Monday was like that I’d hate to see your Friday! You know it was most likely some asshole from your building!!!

  • Michelle

    I totally understand. After the people smashed out my front and back windshield last year and beating up the car, I was pretty pissed and the worst was that they didn’t do it to steal something, it was just for kicks. Hopefully they figure out who did it!

  • Meghan

    I’m sorry!! 🙁 That sucks! Your landlords suck (I had them too!) How does this keep happening? Its not like you can park in your apartment…I hope you catch these bastards!!

  • John

    I can honestly say that we are never going to find out who did this. Really the only time that someone can get caught for breaking into a car is when they are actually doing it. In a way i wish they had of taken more or taken the whole friggin thing. Seriously, we aren’t going to get anything back because its not enough to put through insurance. We will get a junkyard window and a dash that is taped together, and a stereo from before we both were born; thats it.

    I can only hope the plastic bag window keeps people out of it for the time being.

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