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    Puppy Love

    Some people have asked if we ever regretted getting a dog. I can honestly say no. More honestly some days I think how much easier things (i.e. travel) would be but then I’d miss the interaction between E and Scotia. I must also admit, I do like being pregnant for the simple fact that the dog actually pays attention to me. Well, curls up and sleeps by my side or feet depending on where I am sitting. She doesn’t do this when I’m not pregnant for some reason. I have admitted that if we found out we were expecting E the weekend before we wouldn’t have made that trip to…

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    I love how you know when a book is upside or backwards or when to turn a page. I love how you’ll sit for hours with me reading books. I love your ‘evil cackle’. I love watching you figure out how something works. I love listening to you laugh when you are going to sleep or just waking up. I love when you reach over and rub my belly when you’re getting your diaper changed. I love watching you play and give love to the puppy. I love how your face lights up when you hear the door and your Dad comes home. I love how you are so independent…

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    This minute 1 year ago, I was waiting

    I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting the past couple days and remembering what my life was like this time last year. It has gone through so many changes, that I would not change for the world. I often think back about the day E decided he was ready. I reminisce about my whole labour experience frequently. I still look back at it in awe and see it as the greatest accomplishment of my life. I’d imagine over the next day or two I will have a few reflection posts. But today I’ve been thinking a lot about this exact day in 2010. I came across the notepad that J…

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    Christmas in MH

    While giving Scotia her stocking and presents we turn around and see this: E got a few things in his stocking from Santa. Starting to open his giant mound of presents. It was a great Christmas! I can’t wait until E is older and “gets it” and tears into presents and makes the magic of Christmas even stronger in our household.


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