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    3 years ago I took this photo. It turned out to be my most favourite photo I’ve ever taken. It’s a day I’ll never forget. I was past my original due date and I was still in the hospital hoping and praying I’d be home sooner than later. I was done with this surprise. I was done being separated from my family. I was done pumping behind a curtain. I was done having nurses, Doctors, residents, therapists, social workers coming through the door interrupting a nap/a phone call/lunch/cuddle time/a rare quiet “me” moment. I was done. All I wanted was to cuddle my newest son and be left the frick alone.…

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    Happy Birthday

    Today I will eat chocolate cake (with boiled icing). Today would have been your 60th birthday. 60. You would have been only 60. It was too soon. Far too soon. It’s hard to believe 10 years ago today you were living your dream and celebrating your 50th birthday in Maui. Now we are celebrating it without you. As you know, chocolate cake is not my favourite but Elijah and I baked it and we will eat it today and love it and remember. I love you. Happy Birthday, Mom!      

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    O’s Birth Story *LONG*

    Short Version: Monday 4:50AM – Water breaks at home when I was walking to the bathroom 4:59AM – Text Doula to let her know my water broke and I was going to go back to bed 5:20AM – Bloody show starts 6:31AM – First contractions started; 5-6 minutes apart and ~30 seconds long 8:59AM – First strong contraction that was hard to manage 9:04AM – Called doula to come 9:33AM – Doula arrived 10:07AM – Leave for hospital 10:20AM – Admitted to L&D (8cm dilated & 100% effaced) 10:57AM – Spontaneously pushing and confirmed I was 10cm dilated 11:00AM – Dr. J arrives 11:20AM – O was born at 38w3d weighing 9lbs 11.8oz and…


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