2007,  School Talk

Check this out!

UNB is so slack. I wrote a makeup final my second week back to school in January and the mark is still not posted. I’ve tried contacting one of the prof’s but he’s in Chile so I contact the secretary to see what’s going on. It’s been a month. I know the mark is done. It was a darn scantron for Pete’s sake. However, I have now gone over my “extension time” so a mark of F has been assigned to my transcript. (note: it will change once the real mark gets put into the system….whenever that will be!) Not that I like getting an F…it’s really inconvenient to have to track down my grade but I’m amused. I finally have gotten every mark possible. No wait, let me rethink that. I’ve never gotten a D.

Oh well, that’s besides the point…I have been given an F!

An F in intro Geology. HAHAHHAHAHAHA Yea right.

But take a look… how does the F look? It’s rather slimming isn’t it!?! haha šŸ˜Ž


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