2007,  reflection

Ever feel like a bump on a log…

That’s me. Useless as a bump on the log. I’m just so frustrated with the way things are going right now….I’m trying to be positive and see the forest through the trees but man, that’s rough. I just feel lacking. Lacking in being a positive force and making a positive contribution in society.

I’m happy with the way things went at school (I did awesome….I own UNB). I’m happy being married. I’m happy to have my own place and car. I’m happy to help. But if that’s the case…why do I feel like this?!

Why can’t I just be happy with me???

It’s always something. My boobs have gotten too big. My stomach has grown. My hair is too long. My teeth aren’t white enough. I’m too tall. I’m not tall enough. My face is too wide (damn cheekbones lol). Why can’t I just be. Why can’t most of us just be.

This is my quest…the never ending quest.

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  • Jillian

    i really understand how you feel. i am constantly striving to improve myself. i am not happy with my weight, my boobs arent big enough and i feel short and stumpy, just wanted to let you know that you arent alone in your quest. the media is such an influence whether we stop and realize it but us girls gotta stick together. You are beautiful!

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