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Exam…so what am I doing…


I saw this game and thought I’d to it so I could extend my break a smidge longer! Randomly list the first 20 people that come to mind…then answer the questions about them below. 🙂

  1. John A
  2. Kim S
  3. Carli D
  4. Jill V
  5. Steph B
  6. Greg R
  7. Jeff R
  8. Pet (Beth P-J)
  9. Peter K
  10. Michelle H
  11. Kevin M
  12. Peter K
  13. Gordon B
  14. Lisa B
  15. Shannon S
  16. Melissa D
  17. Liz B
  18. Beth S
  19. Liz D
  20. Margaret C


• How did you meet 10?
Michelle H….she was born just about a week after me and our parents were friends so she was my first friend! 🙂 She’s awesome

• What would you do if you had never met 6?
Greg R-Someone would have some explaining to do. I probably would have been awfully bored as a child. Who else would have terrorized Jeff with me and didn’t think it was cruel? LOL

• What would you do if 20 and 15 dated?
Margaret C & Shannon-I would be really surprised! lol Margaret is engaged. Plus one is in BC and one is in NS so chances of them running into each other would be slim. I know they are both open people or whatever….but not that open…plus friends dating my friends isn’t cool…it never ends out well for me. lol

• If you could marry either 6 or 14 who will it be?
Greg or Lisa B….well Lisa, you would win by default. Yes, default. It just wouldn’t float my boat. We are both married so it doesn’t matter anyways…but marrying my brother is ILLEGAL and GROSS so there is no decision to be made.

• Did you ever like 9?
Peter K-He was a great roommate last year and we had tons of fun in Moncton drinking and boating and clubbing and all that stuff. Man, getting engaged brings lots of parties. hehe I’m just glad he decided to wear pants to the wedding last summer.

• Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Jillian V: Does hearing her cry or knowing she’s crying on the other end of MSN count? If so, then yes! She almost teared at our wedding though.

• Would 4 and 12 make a good couple?
Jill V & Peter K-I don’t know. Jill’s taken so, sorry Pete. hehe However I have a feeling they would be catalysts…they’d set each other off.

• Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple?
John A & Kim S–Probably but it would never happen. I would have to kill her! haha Plus she’s married. 🙂 However, she is a lot like me so…

• Describe 8
Beth PJ–She’s awesome and I miss her so much. I haven’t seen her since 2003. That’s a long time! We’ve had some definite crazy times and many heart to hearts. Great roommate and friend for sure. “Girls just wanna have fun….”

Do you like 12?
Peter K–Sure! We have lots of laughs…I love bbq’s and hockey and so does he so it works. haha

• Tell me something about 17
Liz B–She used to have a great New Kids collection…I gave her all my New Kid tapes in High School AND she does a mean chair dance!

• What’s 7’s favorite color?
Jeff R–Black I think.

• What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you?
John A–I would not be surprised. He married me. He better like me….;)

• When was the last time you talked to number 15?
Shannon S–In person, this past August but yesterday on MSN. Shannon and I aren’t phone people…msn works just fine. hehe

• How do you think 19 feels about you?
Liz D–I hope she likes me. hahaha It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her in person but we’ve had lots of great times. She let me experience this “Irish Festival” on the ‘chi one summer and we’ve had many allnighters…heck, we shared a phone in res. I was always game for her shinanagins.

• What language does 13 speak?
Gordon B–English.

• Who is 2 going out with?
Kim S–She’s married to Jamie S.

• What grade is 16 in?
Melissa D–no grade…this isn’t high school and she’s done University. But she’s a grade A person! lol

• What is 5’s favorite music?
Stephanie B–Christmas Carols, Soft Rock, Christian Music I do believe…but it could have changed. 😉

• Would you ever date 3?
Carli D–We’ve pretended before. We did what we had to to get away from certain people when out. But she’s happy with Phil and I’m happy with John so no dating for us.

• Is 11 single?
Kevin M–I don’t think so. Last I knew no. I don’t know, it’s complicated. lol But I love him 😛

• What is 10s last name?

• Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 7?
Jeff R—Uh no, that’s my brother. Being related to me is serious enough.

• Where does 18 live?
Beth S–She lives in Halifax.

• What do you think about 20?
Margaret C–She’s awesome! I miss this crazy redhead! It’s been too long but I know the second we happen to run into each other again it’s like we didn’t miss a beat. She’s perfect.

• What is the best thing about 4?
Jillian V–That she is my partner in crime and that we can tell each other anything and everything. It’s too bad we met so late in life but we’re making up for it! 🙂 Ready for the summer filled with daiquiris and the pool? (lol)

• What would you like to tell 14 right now?
Lisa B–Move closer. I miss you. lol It doesn’t look like we are going to be in Hali this summer so you come to us! 😉

• How did you meet 9?
Peter K–Through John. A semi-perverted msn conversation once when John left his msn signed in in his res room. Many a drunk nights. :s

• What is the best and worst thing about 2?
Kim S
Best–>She is so much fun and so easy to talk to. I don’t know what I would have done without her at my wedding.
Worst–>She lives almost 5 hours away

• Are you going to know 3 forever?
Carli D–Of course! I’ve already known her now for over half my life!

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