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Day 107: Our awesome pumpkins
Day 107: Our awesome pumpkins

So here sit the pumpkins we work meticulously on, while fending off a curious puppy. Not as elaborate or time consuming as other years but done and ready to be enjoyed by the trick or treaters.

Which, by the way, we had 30-something. Not bad.

Most were young kids too. We only had a couple older kids and they were siblings of the toddlers. It was so fun!

But if you look closely at my pumpkin (the lower one, the face) you *might* be able to see that Scotia broke it. We had it out on the step and Pat & Kristin came over to help us move our couch (pics to follow later) and she was so excited to get to Kristin that she was using my pumpkin as a step ladder and fell in. Breaking the eyebrows allowing the top to cave in. But toothpicks held it together long enough to be enjoyed that night.

Of course she breaks mine eh!?

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