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So I’ve had enough with the complete and utter idiots that work at Wal-Mart! I bought a semi-cheap watch for work last week, the only problem is that I have small wrists and I need some links taken out. I asked watch places and they are going to charge me $12-15 to remove 1 link!! I don’t think so. The machine is broken at one Wal-Mart and the other has not had a trained staff to remove links since I’ve boughten it. I’m past annoyed now. So, I went today in hope that the watch guy at Sears could fix it for work in the morning but there was a sign “Closed until at least April 4th due to unforeseen circumstances”!? Like wtf. Wal-Mart just moved to an even greater measure of moron on my scale.

On a good note, the Jeep is almost fully repaired. I won’t be leaking gear oil from the rear axle anymore!! AND within the next 3 days there won’t be 1 thing wrong with it and as of today, we aren’t going to have any worries come safety inspection time!!

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