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Gender Predictions

Every Old Wives tale and gender prediction “tool” & theory that I’ve come across.  We are undecided on whether we are going to find out what we are having, but it’s always fun to guess either way. Most is hoccum and there is a 50/50 chance, but fun nevertheless.

Needle Test:
Swings in circle: Girl
Swings like a pendulum: Boy
Result:  Girl 

Chinese Predictor Chart
Result: Girl 

Craving sweets: Girl
Craving sour/salt: Boy
Result: Girl

Morning Sickness: Girl
Very Little/No Morning Sickness: Boy
Result: Boy 

Heartrate over 140: Girl
Heartrate 139 or under: Boy
Result: Girl 

Warm Feet: Girl
Cold feet: Boy
Result: Boy 

Lay on your right: Girl
Lay on your left: Boy
Result: Girl 

Linea Nigra:
To the belly button: Girl
Up past belly button: Boy
Result: Unknown. (No Linea Nigra)

Nub Theory (relative to backbone):
Angle less than 30°:  Girl
Angle greater than 30°: Boy
Result: We think it’s Girl nub but we aren’t really sure

Put out your hands for others to see:
If you show your hands palms up: Girl
Palms down: Boy.
Result:  Girl 

Pick a number (any number), then match the number with the corresponding letter of the alphabet, where 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C etc. Now choose a name beginning with that letter. If you instinctively say a boys’ name or a girls’ name that’s what you’re having!
Number : 17
Corresponding Letter: Q
Name: Quinn
Result: Unknown. It’s a unisex name. Girl maybe since my first thought was that character from Gl.ee

Placental Placement in Trimester 1:
Left: Girl
Right: Boy
Result: Girl
(We think so anyway)

Nails grow the same/weaker: Girl
Nails grow faster/stronger: Boy
Result: Boy 

Leg Hair grows faster: Girl
Leg Hair Growth slows/stays the same: Boy
Result: Boy 

Husband puts on weight with you: Girl
Husband doesn’t put on weight with you: Boy
Result: Boy (so far)

Skull Theory:
Flat Forehead: Girl
Rounded Forehead: Boy
Result: Girl 

If this is your second child, look at the back of the neck of your first born. Does the hairline across the back of the neck go straight across, or come to a point?
Point: Opposite Gender
Straight Across: Same Gender
Result: Same Gender, therefore Boy 

Soft hands: Girl
Dry Hands: Boy
Result: Boy  (Dry tops, soft palms so we went with dry)

Hair Thinner/Greasier: Girl
Hair thicker/fuller: Boy
Result: Boy 

Wider/Rounder Face: Girl
No change in face: Boy
Result: Boy 

Nose Widens: Girl
Nose stays the same: Boy
Result: Boy 

Acne: Girl
No Acne: Boy
Result: Boy 

Key Test – Pick up a key
Picked up by thinner end: Girl
Picked up by bottom/rounded part: Boy
Result:  Girl 

Where do you carry your weight?:
Around the middle: Girl
In the front (can’t tell your pregnant from behind): Boy
Result: Boy 

Regular/Decreased Appetite: Girl
Starving all the time: Boy
Result: Girl 

If your hair lightens/turns reddish: Girl
Hair colour stays the same: Boy
Result: Girl 

Carrying baby high: Girl
Carrying baby low: Boy
Result: Boy 

Girl : 50%
Boy : 50%

Either way, don’t forget to get your guess in in our baby pool.

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