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I am slowly going crazy…

So if I wasn’t crazy enough already, UNB is going to do me in!!! Well NB in general. I can’t wait until we are done in Fredericton and can move to Halifax!!! Oh that day will be sweet. Ok, if not Halifax hopefully we’ll be out of NB and back in the more friendly atmosphere of Nova Scotia.

So you are probably asking me what brought on this most recent onslaught of I dislike NB…well it all revolves around a date…October 24th to be exact. I have 1 paper and 3 midterms due on that day. You’re probably thinking…ok Laura, it’s not that bad. C’mon now! Well I beg to differ! Yes I’ve had 2 or 3 midterms on one day with a paper or two but this is different. It’s all due in 3 hours!! The paper is due for my 10:30 class…exam…class over at 11:20…exam and 11:30…class over at 12:20…exam at 12:30!! It’s not even like I can do much about it now b/c my paper topic hasn’t even been assigned yet and he’s not giving it out until next Monday (the week before what I have dubbed “the week from Hell.” Then get this, he only gives you 7 days to hand it in…no more, no less. Not even a hint so I could get started early and try not to have a stress related heart attack!! The only upside to all this is the fact that basically my crunch-time for the semester will be all done in just one day! I’ll just have 1 paper due the end of Nov and 1 exam the 27th of October. It’ll all be smooth sailing soon…as long as I survive the next two weeks! haha

Oh yea, we have completely re-done our website…it’s basically all wedding related now…with the photo galleries still there though so check it out sometime!!! 🙂

Well I better go, I have a few chapters to read and supper to make. Hopefully all is well with everyone and don’t forget to keep in touch!

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