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I don’t like this bath

Here’s the one picture we have of the process.

Day 109: Soaking wet.
Day 109: Soaking wet.

She looks mangy and woul not look at the camera.

She squirmed and squirmed and wanted out.

It took me getting in the tub with her and holding her while J shampooed and rinsed her off. I tell you, the process would have been a whole lot simpler if we had a shower head that was mobile.

We had to use a juice pitcher to rinse her off. And she really hates how loud the tap is without the shower being on. It scares her or something.

But yes, you see correct we are using Johnsons & Johnsons on her. That’s what the Breeder told us he always uses so we kept with the trend. It made her coat baby soft once again! Also, yes that is my soaking wet arm and leg in the background. I kid you not when I say that I got into the tub with her to hold her. lol

Oh the things we do for our dog.

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