2008,  AB

I should be in bed

I’m glad that this weekend is a long weekend. It would be even sweeter if we had Monday off as well. But, we don’t. That’s the way the cookie crumbles out here in the wild west.

No Easter dinner. No ham. No scallop potatoes a la Mom. No apple sauce.

Just J and I. And maybe Phil.

But no Mini Eggs.  What is Easter without mini eggs!? Damn braces. lol

So far this week has been going well. It’s half over.

I can do whatever on Friday.

I think I’m going to bake. I’ve been craving sweets every day now for the past 2 weeks.  It’s unreal. But at least with baking I can control the ingredients and calories and amount of sugar.

On Wed. it’ll be exactly 1 month until our house!  Then on my birthday it will be exactly 4 weeks until our house.

Now that brings me onto a whole other topic. What on earth to do on my birthday so it’s slightly different and not like every other day. Boring. But it’ll probably be boring. Not much to do here in the good ol’Hat. And it’s actually on a Friday for once. Booo!

We might have went to Cowtown but with the really warm nice weather we have to get our winter tires off before any travels. But man, there are no places here to buy second hand crappy rims (plain black steelies) and only like 2 places that carry rims to buy and it’s damn expensive. Not good timing with that. We just bought tickets home for Carli’s wedding/visiting, and my braces. Not good timing at all. Oh well. Whatever. We’ll get it all figured out.

There is a bar/pub that I want to check out in Cowtown actually. It’s supposedly Maritime-esque. I’ve checked out the bands that have played there in the past and they have the right sound…. it could be fun! Something to check out when “Maritimers do Alberta” hit the town in September 2009. It’s going to be fun. Be there. Or be square.

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