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I’m a Weirdo I know

So I woke up this morning after a particularily vivid dream thinking there is something wrong with BabyA. Well that he has a facial deformity. No real science behind it. Just a weird dream, that was all too real. Then of course, I make it worse by getting up and examining in detail the u/s pics of his face profile and wonder what the extra bump is on his face and why does it look like there is such a big distance between his nose and mouth in the other facial profile.

Irrational yes.

I’m well aware I’m crazy.

I know it’s nothing to worry about.

It was just a crazy dream is all. One that made me feel weird and shook my insides.

But now that I am up for a bit, it’s fading and I realize it’s completely unwarranted. But it always makes me question.


  • shannon

    another side effect of the pregs. i had a lot of of running away from zombie dreams, well waddling near the end, good thing zombies aren’t fast. they wanted to eat the babes. whilst nolan is def a carnivore he shows no signs of rotting or thirst for brains.

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