I’m still poking around.

It’s been another ridiculously long hiatus on my part.  Life is really busy and things have been coming up.  I haven’t spent much time on the computer but hopefully that will change once this Christmas rush and such is over with.  I have photos for “photo of the day” but I just haven’t finished uploading them and honestly, haven’t been inspired or whatever enough to do it.
I know it’s not that time consuming but I just can’t focus and want to do it.  It comes in spurts. I’m sure it’ll change here shortly and I’ll get all these pics I’ve been building up posted.

Know that I am still alive and working hard….Christmas is a hectic time here with the daycare and trying to do all our Christmas-y things with a dog is a whole new experience.  Adds a new dimension that’s for sure.  But so far, she doesn’t seem too interested in the tree…just the water in it. lol That might change though once we get it decorated with lights and ornaments and such.  But we’ll see….

So I’ll be back to my usual self very soon I hope… just need some of the hype to die down.  Also, it helps that my course for work on Mondays is now over so I don’t have to devote another evening to it. I get my Mondays back. So you should be getting me back! 🙂

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  • Jillian

    thank god i began to think that u fell off the planet…i enjoy reading the blog and looking at recipes etc.. but know what u mean about busy times….i miss you :santa:

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