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It’s just a movie

How can a movie make you remember things you’ve forgotten about your past? How can they make you relive things you have never wanted to relive again. I don’t understand how they can reach out and pull at your heart strings long after the final credits have rolled.

I sit here pondering and thinking about things I haven’t thought about in a long time…some years back. Where did the time go? I’m glad it went though quickly though. How come I just can’t forget to remember or remember to forget or whatever the Hell it is I am supposed to. Or rather I want to do. It wasn’t the happiest time in my life but it lead me to right where I’m supposed to be. πŸ˜€

Man, movies get to me sometimes and I have no idea why. It doesn’t want to make me have that part of my life back, that’s for sure. I’m pretty damn happy about where it ended up! πŸ™‚ Hence why I was so shocked that movie actually made me think. hehe Movies reinforce choices I’ve made and it’s the weirdest feeling.

If you think this is bad, come see me after watching “The Notebook.” Gah. It’s a tearjerker and I cry everytime. I cry earlier each time I watch it too. It makes me realize the choices I made were the ones I was meant to make or whatever. I have a great story to tell but hopefully I won’t have Alzheimers or whatever before I tell it. I want to remember it all during my last days. Morbid thought I suppose but I would like to have my mind entact when I’m old and on my way out.

But I will sit with anyone who wants to watch “The Notebook”…I can’t see that movie too many times. I can only hope that after 40 or so years I will be like that…still have this. Only time will tell but it’ll take a lot of work but it can be done. I can’t wait to be old with J. We saw the cutest old couple at the laundromat yesterday.

It’s so going to be me when I’m old.

She wasn’t big or anything…just pleasantly plump like many grannies are. Within seconds of being done loading the machines she was sitting knitting with the news on beside her husband. Within seconds of that the husband had nodded off in his car with his head rolling around. She would talk to him every so often and he wouldn’t stir and she wouldn’t notice he was sleeping. It was rather amusing.

So yea, this random free association was all a result of a movie….who would have thunk it?!?


  • Meghan

    You were crying during the Notebook?? I thought you just had something in your eye like I did…yes something in my eye :whistle:

  • John

    It was just a movie, it made me realize that I’m glad I haven’t had a break-up like that….it was truely brutal…..Vince V. characters was an idiot….so many things I would have done different…..Like Bring home 12 lemons not three. (lol) I would have been a pain b/c I would have been helping too much. I hope I would anyway….but seriously….if thats what happens when you have a dinner party….im out..


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