2009,  AB

Loving living in 362

So it was the first full weekend in our house with things, well the important things, completely unpacked.

And what did we do?!

Go to Calgary. And spent too much money I might add

But it had to be done. I needed to get my bridesmaids dress for next month and we had to pick up a slipcover for our couch. That the drycleaner/seamstress had ruined. But if you are going to Cowtown might as well make the most of it and make our rounds.

We had to go shopping and dining is a must. We can never go there without going into Old Navy and Williams-Sonoma. And we bought stuff at both establishments. Then on comes Ikea. We just needed a slipcover and were debating a chair. Well, we didn’t get the chair but came home with 2 bedside tables and lamps that I absolutely love and will be seen soon. If I ever get around to taking pictures at least and uploading them that is.

We had supper at an old familiar place called ‘Jack Astors’.  I had such a great meal and drink. I forgot how much I enjoyed this place. We got to watch some of the hockey game and the bartenders fooling around trying to nail down tricks so that was an added bonus. We opted to sit on the lounge side, which I like better. And plus, it wasn’t near as busy! But the best part of it all was the dessert!! J and I split it. It was monsterous. It was some warm white chocolate & macadamia nut cookie cup that was filled with fresh berry sauce, french vanilla ice-cream, topped with whipped cream and caramel. It was too die for. Soooo good.  We’ll definitely be hitting that up again when we are in town.

We didn’t meet up with any people this time. We didn’t want to be coerced into staying overnight and we just decided to make a day of it for the two of us. A date day if you will. It was perfect.

On the drive we were talking about how nice it’s going to be to have more people that we know there but then realized that 2 hour drive is going to get old and fast. I said how it would be perfect if we were an hour closer and just had a 1-1.5 hour drive. But then realized that would mean we’d live in Brooks. Uh, no thank you! We’ll settle for the extra hour to stay where we are at.

So the weather is fan-frickin-tastic again this week. Going to be mid to high twenties all week. I need to get out in it and tan. A slight tan for this expresso dress Carli has me wearing would be a bonus. But if not, oh well. I’m pasty and people know it.

I’m suddenly feeling the urge to dye my hair again. Like professionally dye it. But the thing is, is that I don’t think I want to be blonde. They always die me blonde. But to die it dark brown for the summer would be no good either I don’t think. The sun always manages to bleach my hair on it’s own so the dark would fade too fast for the cost I’d be paying for it. But I may cave. As much as I say I don’t want the blonde, when I look back at pictures from ’06 I really enjoy the colour. That’s highlights and sun bleaching combined. Maybe I will do it when I’m in Moncton and get my “old” stylist to do it. Yea, that’s what I’ll do. Get it done down there. It’s a whole lot cheaper and it’s someone that I trust with my hair! Ouuuu, I’m excited now!

Well, that is a day (or two or three) in the life of Laura. I need to get out in the sun and a quick bite because I have to wash the car. It’s beyond dirty from the weekend. It’s been dirty for a while but now it’s covered, and I mean covered, in bug carcasses.

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