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Michelle is down for a visit

Michelle is down for a week….so far we have been to Wendys (TWICE!!), gone out to Chris’ boat (and turned RIGHT), had drinks down on Main St. @ Mexi’s, been to BP, partying here at the house, and then hitting the dance floor at voodoo. I can’t forget to mention the 2 days we spent in the pool all day….Michelle now has quite the red tan! LOL It’s a lot better now…leaving her with a nice tan that we hope to work on again in the next few days that she is here. Jill had quite the burn that first night too so maybe the next time we laugh and say “wow that is quite the burn” she won’t think we are joking. 😉 Hopefully the weather will cooperate in all these plans though! A bonfire or two may be nice…mmmmmmmm, more roasting marshmallows!! Bring it on.

I’ll add more pics to so people can see some of our shinanagins. 😉 I’m sure there will be lots more to come.

Oh yea, according to John’s countdown there is only 27 more days for us until the big party! 🙂

Enjoy your summer everyone and come party…I mean visit…us in Moncton anytime!!

ETA: We will hopefully get to Hali sometime for a dress fitting….

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