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My view from here….

…is awesome! Here I am sitting on our deck, soakin’ up the rays, listening to the music, surfing the night. Could it be any better?!

You should see the view I have. There is a beautiful crab apple tree in bloom and it is hot pink. It’s an ode to me I think. It’s just stunning. There is also a view Carli would enjoy I think. 😉 The neighbours are moving out. Sucks to be them in this heat going up and down the stairs. That’ll so be us this time next year I’m sure but honestly, I will laugh at others now while I can.

It is so friggin warm out it’s unreal….me loves it!!!! It’s sunny, humid, balmy, whatever summer adjective one can come up with. I was thinking today that I haven’t had to work in weather like this for almost 2 years so it might be a little rough. (lol) I hope it won’t be too bad and the place stays semi-cool. However, you can’t beat water fights/putting the water table outside and having kids play in them. It’s going to be awesome.

In another month or so the pool will be up and running. We’ll just be waiting for the warmer weather to warm up the water I’m sure. That’s what happened last year. Pool was clear and ready to go but the water wasn’t warm enough for me to swim in…nor was it warm enough for anyone else, just so you don’t think I’m a wuss or something. hehe

Well I’m going to stop writing now…maybe I’ll be back later but I just don’t want to be looking at a computer screen anymore. It almost seems like a waste…it’s too nice. I want to go back and put my shades back down and singalong to the tunes that are pumping out of our apartment. hehe I hope it’s just as nice everywhere else…but I won’t mind being selfish and hogging all this weather. :p

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