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New Craptop has arrived!

Well folks…

I’m back.

And better than ever.  Coming to you straight from a sweet new setup I have on my lap.

As you all know, my craptop died.  And it felt like forever since we ordered this one.  We were going to wait until income tax came through but life had other plans. We couldn’t wait and now I’m kind of glad. It’s pretty sweet. It’s a real nice brown and comes with all the perks and priveledges.  My only decision right now is to decide whether I’m going to continue on with Paintshop Pro or transition back to Adobe Photoshop.

And to wait for income tax to come through.

That’s a whole new ballgame. We’re waiting on damn NB and the NSLSC. I still don’t have my T4 and neither does John. No T2022a from UNB for John. No interest payments from student loan for income tax for either of us (but NS loan sent one of mine). It’s damn annoying. Just give us the damn forms so we can get this shit taken care of.

Also, we got sweet news on our holiday Monday. We finally got around to talking to a mortage person. A wonderful mortage person. And she made us feel a whole lot better. We can do this if/when we want.  So that got me (well us) really excited.  It’s just a matter of a downpayment really. We wanted to start talking to builders and stuff since building is a long process and we’d better start looking because it may take us a while to find what we are looking for. Well, didn’t we meet someone tonight who showed us a few houses/layouts and we fell in love. We found the perfect place for us. The perfect price. The perfect location.

Only 1 snag.

It’s ready now!

And we aren’t. Later in the year would have been nice so we could have right amount money in the bank and then we wouldn’t have to worry about sodding until next year. hahaha

So if any of you all reading this win the big lotto this weekend…. 😉

Well, I’m off to dream about our perfect house at the wrong time. Bah.


  • john

    ok people, we need some feed back all of you close to us should start letting us know your thoughts….remember you will be visiting this place. lol

  • Jillian

    I want to win the lotto then i would just move out there to live and you would not have to work. we could all live in a mansion and bake stuff and then i would get fat and have to go to the gym to work it off

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