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No longer a sunburst, more like a sunset

So as you may *or may not* remember. I planted a Dahlia in my garden. It was called sunburst or something like that. Orange with a tinge of yellow.

Well, it’s now massive! And the most peculiar thing happened. Other than it quadrupling in size the flowers that are now blooming are red. Deep deep red.

Maybe it crossed with my red or pink Nicotina plant on each side of it. Check it out.

Day 62: Its red
Day 62: It's now red

You can see the old blooms in the back. They are still orange but all the new ones (like 10 or more) are now red. I like it better. I’m not a big fan of orange but there really weren’t any other colours to buy by the time I got around to plant it this summer.

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