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Noah is 1!

Today Noah turns 1. I can’t believe it. It’s a lot easier to put pictures together than the words (still working on it). But I wanted to share because I’m so proud of my little man and every thing he is becoming. It’s been a hard year but he amazes me and everyone who knows him every day!

Here’s the link of Noah’s birth story I wrote while we were still in the Children’s Hospital last April: Birth Story

The entries I wrote about this amazing man and difficult road we were given: Some of the Past Year with N

Happy Birthday, Noah! We love you!



  • bianca

    Tears in my eyes… that’s what this video brought me! I’ve watched the long way you guys have come and all I ave to say is how lucky Noah is for having you as parents and E as a brother!
    Beautiful family, I wish you guys always all the happiness and lil Noah all the best today and always!

    • LJ

      Thank you Bianca. You helped me so much through all of this and you are one of the main reasons he started thriving those many months ago. xox

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