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Our Clematis Bloomed!! (Day 28)

Posted by on August 20, 2009
Day 28: Ville de Lyon Clematis

Day 28: Ville de Lyon Clematis

So it was suspected that our clematis would be dormant until next year or it had bloomed already before we bought it since we bought it real late in the gardening season.  But lo & behold it began to bud and one finally opened.  And we have several more.  Each time I check the plant there seems to be more buds and the ‘vines’ are longer and twisted. It’s pretty sweet. I saw this plant growing outside of one of our local greenhouses and knew I had to have it. Then J put up this great trellis and then the magic happened. It grew and grew and flowered.

Isn’t it simply stunning?!

One Response to Our Clematis Bloomed!! (Day 28)

  1. Kathryn

    looks like a painting almost instead of a real plant since the colour of the bloom and leaves are so vibrant…beautiful plant

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