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Remember M*A*S*H???

A blast from the past!

So after putting 5 guys I know (John, Kevin, Peter, Chris, and Gordon), 5 numbers (3, 17, 5, 1, 2), 5 Cars (Chevelle, Camaro, Mercedes, BMW, Jeep), 5 places (Hawaii, Bora Bora, Santorini, Australia, Fiji), 5 colours (pink, red, blue, black, white) and 5 jobs (ECE, Childlife Specialist, Teacher, Secretary, Flight Attendant) and picking a number I recieved my future.

I’m so going to end up on Jerry Springer to have ended up with my current husbands best friend. lol

What a great way to spend some time procrastinating. Seems only fitting because I used to do these all the time when I was younger.


  • Michelle

    Yeah so I kind of forgot about the game before i put my answers in so i am going to be having 20 kids and drive around in a pink honda fit. I suppose i could squeeze them in with those handy fold down seats.

  • Kathryn

    Can’t say I ever heard of this game. How do you play it?

    love, Mom

    p.s. I don’t mind the idea of 20 grandchildren, but I don’t think you should have that many lol

    • Laura

      It’s like a fortune teller kind of. You just pick the things it’s asking for randomly or pick things/people you know and it “predicts” your future. lol

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