2008,  AB

So I am moving.

It’s official.

Everyone knows.



The person who loves the ocean and has been yearning to move to Halifax for years is going the complete opposite direction and going out West.

Q: What have I gotten myself into?!?

A: A new beginning.

As soon as I mention we are going I get the “wow, good for you guys”, the “why? You are going to hate it there”, or the “Man, you guys are going to be raking in the dough”.  Why couldn’t people just do the first thing and/or congratulate. I don’t want to hear horror stories, I don’t want to have people compare it to here and talk about how I will hate it, I don’t want to have people assume we are going to a-ok financially and that we’ll never have to worry about money again. FALSE. Just because we are moving to Alberta does not mean we are moving to the Oil Sands or Fort Mac where really big money is to be made. Also, where really big money is made…you pay really big money to live.

I will take our average city with average pay and average housing as opposed to the exorbitant amounts of money people pay to live on their own in these other cities. But please, don’t treat us like we think our poo smells like roses (which, by the way, mine obviously does…I’m cool like that).  We may not be struggling in every sense of the word (i.e. our bills will get paid one way or the other…we still may have to rob Peter to pay Paul), but we aren’t going to be able to throw money around. Please don’t make assumptions.

Now there are the myths or the falsifications I have come across. Here is the real truth.

I am kind of excited to be going. It’s a brand new start. It’s our chance to start anew.  We will have to learn to survive on our own without the aide we’ve come to know and appreciate. If we break down, we can’t just call someone to come tow us or help us.  We can’t just walk down the street and see a familiar face. Heck, we can’t even pick up the phone at anytime and call someone when we need to talk…that 3 hour time difference is going to get in the way.

I will be more excited once I see actual pics that J takes. When our furniture arrives. When I’m done work. When I have a chance to see everyone I need to see before I leave.

I will lose the excitement during my many goodbyes but once I have the chance to process and be by my lonesome I will sit on the plane eagerly waiting for my new ‘home’.  To see J’s face waiting for me when I get through the arrival gate. To see the mountains. To possibly see a rattlesnake. To travel to Montana.  To go to Calgary. There is so much ‘new’ to look forward but at the same time, I will be sad.  But, I have to let the excitement take over or I won’t be giving this a fair chance.

I will miss getting to share all these ‘firsts’ with people first hand. But I will do my best to share through pics, the blog and phone calls. I will do the best I can to include everyone. I hope others will do the same for me.

I am going to miss my family. (Please come visit)

I am going to miss my friends. (Please come visit)

I am going to miss Tabitha turning 1.

I am going to miss the birth and first months of one of my other best friend’s kids.

I am going to miss the majority of wedding planning with my best friend.  (At least I have a bachelorette to plan…at least, I hope so).

I am going to miss lots of snow.

I am going to miss trees.

I am going to miss pizza, donairs, and garlic fingers from home.

I am going to miss you.

I won’t miss the cancer spots my car develops living here. I won’t miss the high tax rates.  I won’t miss….well, there isn’t much I won’t miss actually….

So, D-day for J is June 5th at 10:55am.

My day comes July 11th at 9:20am.

My how time flies….soon I’ll be seeing you on the flip-side.

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