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So that’s what this is

So I awake today and feel different.

I realize what buying a house means. I mean, I already “knew” that stuff but now I understand. It has sunk in.

It means that I don’t have to move around anymore when rent goes up or if I have a crappy landlord.

It means that we are building equity.

It means we aren’t pissing our money away into someone else’s pockets.

It means we are free to decorate any way we choose. I may need help in this category for sure.

It means we don’t have to be as wary of our tv/stereo volume after 11 pm.

It means we don’t have to worry about our friends, who may or may not be intoxicated, causing raucous to the people below us.

It means flexibility but inflexibility all at the same time.

It means I’m now an AB resident for at least 5 years. In order for buying to be worthwhile it’s got to be at least 5 years.

It means that I can’t just pick up my things and move home and be done with it all.

The latter is really the one that stuck with me. It makes me miss home just a little bit more.

I’m really here and we are really staying.


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