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Stranger Things have Happened

For some reason I decided to read through my pregnancy journal yesterday. There were many things I already didn’t remember and one especially stood out for me. It was an entry a couple days before I found out I was expecting N.

I was having a reoccurring dream that I called so bizarre. In the dream I was “sort of” blind and dizzy. Say whuuuuttt. I commented on how in the dream I was unable to wake up and be my normal self, that this was my life. I just commented on how weird it was.

I still don’t remember having that dream but there must have been something that stood out to me from all the other crazy dreams I had because I didn’t chronicle any other dream during my pregnancy. Just this one.

It gave me chills to re-read the words I wrote 10 months ago and to realize this is exactly the life my newest son leads. He’s “sort of” blind. Definitely visually impaired and I’d say he has very limited vision (we’ll find out what he sees when he’s old enough to show or tell us). He also struggles with dizziness. It’s common with the syndrome he has and it’s expected because of the way his inner ear formed. So I randomly had a reoccurring dream that mimics just some of my son’s major obstacles, days before I knew he was going to be our second child. Weird.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Was it my intuition? God? N? My body? giving me little hints into the future of the unborn baby I was carrying or just a coincidence. I’ll never know but I know what I’ll take away from it. I’ll let you decide about it and what you want to believe for yourself.


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