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Summer has *almost* offically arrived in the Maritimes! :)

So it’s been above 30c and it’s only May and the sun has been out almost every day…Most would say that is the mark of summer. But I disagree. There are a few things that have to happen each year before summer has offically arrived for me.

Summer begins after the following are completed:
bubblegum ice cream waffle cone (from Kings)—CHECK
Red & Blue Slushy—CHECK
Enjoying a daiquiri or sling on a Main St. patio

So as you can see, summer is almost here! A trip to the Merb and/or Parlee will confirm it too!

I’ve survived school (A+,A,A-,B,B+) so all in all it was a pretty great semester. But I will have to admit, this wedding stuff is taking up more time than school did. It’s rather tiresome. Once these invites are out (which will be within the next few weeks) I’ll sit back and relax. What gets done, gets done and what does….I certainly don’t care. I’m not all about the wedding thing….it’s more so the marriage that is of importance to us. However, with that being said…the party after the wedding is something to look forward to! It’s all our friends and family having the time of our lives (well I’m drowning in sweat from wearing a wedding dress I’m sure). Oh well, bring it on!! I can’t wait for the celebration. There are people flying in from all over the country, the US & maybe a Petley (who has been in Australia & Korea and haven’t seen since summer 2003….I hope you will be in Canada then Beth. I miss you!)

Well that’s my update for now. I’ll let you know when summer offically arrives. haaha

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  • Jillian

    I am so glad that you and john are here for the summer, i really enjoy when not working which is never lately, hanging out with you, i am so glad that we have taken the yr to get to know each other, you have become my best friend lately and i cant wait to party at the bachelorette party because i am getting so tanked!!!!! when i get wed and thursdays off we are going to sit by the pool and drink all afternoon and get a drink on the patio…..lol


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