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The cat is out of the bag!

Posted by on February 15, 2010

Our lil stinker is indeed a BOY! I guess my subconscious was right in calling it “him” or “his” (his heartbeat…he is doing well) and people would always say, “It might be a girl you know.” I didn’t even realize I was doing it. But my hidden self must have known something. lol
There is no mistaking this picture:

We have a few more as well. I guess they wanted to make sure we had no doubts I guess.  There are certainly no 3 lines indicating girl.

At least with a boy it’s pretty sure they are right. They can “misdiagnose” girls and turn out to be boys since if they see no parts they assume girl even though they could just be hiding.  So no doubting the images.

4 Responses to The cat is out of the bag!

  1. Lisa

    Yes…Austin was very good at hiding his boy parts, hence why after three ultrasounds I was convinced he was a girl! I’m so excited for you both. Little boys are wonderful….but they do like to pee when their diapers are off!

    • LJ

      Yea but to be fair you assumed girl parts (you were certain you saw 3 lines/dots)…they didn’t tell you. :p But I think in my case, it’s pretty clear. hehe I don’t think there is much mistaking it, there is more pics from different angles. hehe

  2. shannon

    woohooo i’m still in the baby pool! hehe glad you guys didn’t keep us in suspense for too long, i was totally facestalking u both after ur appt.

  3. Lisa

    That is true…I did assume…however, your instinct was right that I was having a boy from the beginning…and you are usually right!

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