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The things we teach our children

I was at work and had a “moment.” Almost from day 1 we teach our children to not talk to strangers, not to go anywhere with strangers, and to run away from strangers. But each and everyday children are dropped off to me and they willingly take my hand.

Pure innocence.

No questions asked.

“Hey so-and-so, let’s go to where ever. Take my hand and follow me.”

A big ol’smile typically spreads across their face and they run towards me arms out-stretched. Or as soon as I walk in the door a child comes and grabs my hand and leds me to play. They tell their life stories. They give hugs. They give kisses. It doesn’t matter. Welcome gladly each person that comes through the door or that they meet on the street on walks.

They would go anywhere willingly.

We are strangers from day 1. We become friends, caretakers, second parents but from day 1 the trust is there. The trust in their parents to “give” them to the right people. The trust is in us not to harm them and to love them (and I do). They just can’t turn that off. They could very easily trust the wrong people.

We say not to befriend strangers and talk to strangers but then there are so many children sent to “strangers homes” for 5-8 hours a day. They love us from day 1, just as I love them from day 1.

The attachment only takes seconds to form.

They size us up as we do to them. They know who to go to for what needs. They are very smart.

The innocence warms my heart to my very soul.

I wish I could have that un-waivering trust. I wish hugs and a kiss on the boo-boo would make everything better. A hug removes the saddness from their heart, it’s instanteous. I am envious.

The love of any child is pure and I wish it wouldn’t get tarnished over the years. I wish that could be protected. That purity is one of a kind.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Laura, I’m sad” or “Laura that hurts” or “Laura my heart is crying” and I wrap them in my arms until the pull away with a big smile and say all better. 🙂 And they mean it. They are ALL better!

That is why I love what I do.

People think I’m crazy.

People say why, you don’t get paid enough. Well, there is my answer. How can I put a price on that!?! It’s all worth it in the end. The emotional pay off is more than any financial could be….

It is just too bad the gov’t doesn’t realize the importance of what we do each and every day. Where would the business world be without people like me?! Who would look after the future while their parents have to work? If they would focus and work on conditions and wages….the turnaround would be lower and it would be of some much more of a benefit to the kids, the workers who actually love what they do and it would be the biggest investment in the future. Oh well, I can keep dreaming and hoping….


  • Melissa Duffy

    Amen! I understand where you are coming from in all aspects of that blog Laura. You are right children trust right from the beginning and you know what, so do parents, or it is sad to say some just don’t care as long as they have a place to dump their child for the day. I have had the horrible misfortune of working in TWO yes TWO abusive daycares which leads to me being a nanny now which by the way I love and it is completely different then daycare. I do not think you are crazy for working with kids I have the same love for it. I may not make a lot of money but I love what I do and I am happy everyday with my job and that is what is important to me.

    • Laura

      I’m glad I’ve never come across abusive daycares. I’ve worked at one that the boss wasn’t so great to the staff but I’ve never been somewhere were the children suffered due to a form of abuse. That’s unreal. Places like that shouldn’t be open.

      One day I am going to open my own and it’s going to be great. I won’t have to worry anymore.

      It’s all about being happy and loving what you do….I’m just glad I can do that and not have to be all about the money. I’d be lost without kids. hehe

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