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Things I’ve noticed…

People have changed. I should have expected it. I should have realized. But I guess I’m naive or something because when people tell me they won’t change how they treat me and won’t stop hanging out and calling because I’m married, I believed them. I had no reason to suspect things would be different. Heck, I’ve been living with John before we got married and we even kept a roommate for 4 months…then eight…(lol) We still wanted to drink on the weekends while playing video games and Cranium. We went out every so often (the licensed drinking establishments in Freddy aren’t the greatest, to say the least). We did the “same ol’ Laura & John things.”

But the people on the “outside” of our university life (and I use that term loosely) shifted their perspectives of us or something. They changed….that’s what time does I know, but to change so much in 4-8 months is just weird. I just notice that people who used to call, used to hang out, used to come visit…don’t. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. It’s just something I was thinking about tonight. Just because we are married doesn’t change anything. Just because we now have a piece of paper and a ring doesn’t change anything. We still want to be friends and still want to hang out with each and everyone of you…well maybe there are a few we could do without….just jokin’! 😉

And on a completely different note, I’ve also noticed that I hate the chicken fight scenes on Family Guy. That’s 10 min of my life I can’t get back. (lol) I’ve also noticed that Family Guy has gotten really dumb this season. It’s so stupid for the most part. It used to be filled with laughs and an awesome sense of humour but now, it’s not funny and a little much. I should give up watching it…too many fillers that make no sense. Boo to Family Guy.

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