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Uh what did she just say

Well if you think you are having a bad day…..watch this.

If you are having a bad day……watch this.

Frig, if you just want to have a laugh at the epitome of dumb pageant people…… watch this.

YouTube Direkt

Let’s just hope her nerves got the best of her. Give her the benefit of the doubt! (lol)

It definitely made me feel better and a whole lot smarter….but at the same time a little dumber for having watched it. WTF was she saying….did it mean anything or was she just talking to hear her own voice. hehehe  Man, couldn’t she have just mentioned something about the lack of funding or social policies or something. But no, throwing in Iraq, Osamha, etc was her better choice…maybe hoping for republican brownie points?!? 😉

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