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Updates on the old blog…

I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I sit down and start and the creative juices aren’t there and the drive to write just wasn’t there. I would just stop and delete what I had started. Heck, this one isn’t going to be all that good but I just can’t keep putting it off. I can’t make my adoring public wait any longer! lol

I probably can’t even remember all the things I was going to tell you, show you, point out, etc. haha But I do remember that a few weeks back I was updating the blog software and whatnot and it changed a few things.

One feature it added is in the top right corner of each post window.  It’s toggle and shrink buttons (they are really tiny).  Now the first button (going left to right) makes the post wider/hides the sidebar…same view as if you were to click on the title and just have the individual post open. The other button minimizes that particular post window.

Another thing the changes in script did was make it possible to minimize things on the sidebar itself. For instance, there is too much “crap” (I use that term loosely because there is no crap on my blog) you can shrink them. Just click on the header…don’t double click because it seems to screw something up (but nothing a good back or refresh won’t fix).

Hrmmm…what else came with my changes.

Oh yea, a new background. lol I love it. But I guess I am a little biased.

For all you Leaf fans, I’ve been updating the Leafs page and recently finally fixed the previous year page so it’s there and right. But aside from my Dad & John, I don’t think anyone who checks this blog is a Leafs fan.

I don’t think I’ve added any new recipes recently. I need to get on that.  But I will say, John & I made that Buffalo Chicken Dip of mine the other week and it’s fan-frickin-tastic! Definitely going to be making an appearance on his ‘no sac, no stick, no invite’ weekend/night.

So there it is…those are the changes with the blog that took me a complete afternoon one weekend!

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