2008,  AB

Week #2

Ok, I’m entering my second week here out in the Prairies and I’m friggin bored.  Yes, I have unpacking left to do but I have hit a wall because there isn’t enough room to unpack all the boxes, let alone put the boxes somewhere out of my sight.

There is abso-frickin-lutely nothing to do. There are parks everywhere and it’s pretty here but nothing to do. It’s a lot like F’ton minus the Fox and Dolan’s. I will hopefully find my equivalents soon enough but we’ll see.  I’m not a hiker so the parks are limited and plus, it’s getting to be high cougar season. It’s bad enough running into them in bars let alone one that could potentially kill me if it’s animal instincts feel like it. So yea, I’m in the F’ton of the Prairies. Is that a good thing?! Not sure. But if I had cool people who live across the street/hall that would bring me food and drinks and watch movies & hockey with me I’d be all set. But, alas, that is another time and another place.

Seriously, the only thing I have calling on me this week is the boxes and the random pile of laundry and cooking/baking and to be honest I probably won’t be any further ahead this time next week. Oh yea, on Friday I have a date with the delivery man. He’s coming sometime between 9 & 1. Woot, woot! It’s sad when all I really have scheduled is a “date” with the delivery man. God, I suck.

At least I have the weekends but really, we are going to run out of parks and whatnot to check out eventually. Yea, there are a lot around here but it can only fill so much time.  I need to adjust that driving 3 hours to a place isn’t considered far out here…it’s considered a good amount to travel for a day…Everything is so spread out. Think of it this way. I could drive to Hali-North Sydney in the same time it’ll take us to go to Edmonton and home that is LONG drive. Here, Edmonton is nothing. Gah.

One thing that’ll keep me going until I have work is that in November I will be going to Calgary. November 11-12th exactly. My Leafs are blowing into town and I *have* to go. They will be in Edmonton the next night but it’s a far drive and plus, it’s hard as Hell to get tickets. It’s like trying to get tickets in TO. So that’s where I’ll be for the holiday and I’m friggin excited. So far there are no big concerts or anything of the sort that I want to hit up but hopefully that changes in the winter months.

I got my AB id coming in the next 1-2 weeks… yea that’s right. They took my NB picture license and gave me back a PIECE of PAPER. No pic on it. No birthday. Just a piece of paper that says I am allowed to drive. For petes sake, this is supposed to be the richest province in Canada. It takes a 5-10 min wait at most once your picture is taken back home. This 2 week thing is a little on the ridiculous side. I’m sure J will get his first in the mail even though we did them at the same time. I don’t even want to look at it. My picture is HORRIBLE. Man, this low-tax province better make it worth my while. Not off to a good start. This ID thing is dumb. As if I want to carry my passport with me when I go out…if I ever go out. Not that I’ll need it because I’m nearing 30 but that is another story all together.

So there you have it folks. I’m bored. And it’s hot. Well people are complaining it’s hot but it’s nothing like home even though the thermometre reads well above 30.

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