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What to do!? Where to go!?  The options are limitless. Well not limitless in every sense of the word. But wide open to means not knowing which direction to go.

We could be NS bound….then which way…toward Hali or up to the North?

We could go to Moncton.

We could cross the border to Maine and go shopping.

We could cross the border and drive further, to Boston.

We could go to Montreal. (this is the furthest choice, but they have rollercoasters!!!!)

Who knows what we’ll decide this afternoon when John’s done school.

Heck, maybe we’ll stay here!

Where does all of this come from you ask? Well, I have a job. Yes, a J-O-B! It starts Monday. Well maybe not if they want me to do my first aid then. But it starts very, very soon!

Can you tell I’m excited. I’m beyond excited. Weeks with of worry has been lifted off of these shoulders. The place seems great. The staff seemed awesome, from what I gathered on first impressions. I will get to meet the kids next week so we’ll see, but it’s promising.

After weeks of uncertainty I had two places wanting interviews asap. I scheduled them and then went the nerves. I’ve only ever had one interview before and it went well and I got the job. What do I wear? What can I expect? Oh well, once I’m there I’m fine. It was great.

I got a call the next a.m. offering me the position so that was pretty frickin’ exciting if you ask me! 🙂

So yea, there is my update from this end of the world.


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