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    So I went on hiatus again. I had the weekend in Calgary and came back to find that I still had a smidge of the virus I thought I had left behind. I dealt with that and now it’s gone FOR GOOD. Yay, go me! But now, because of this virus I have lost everything that once was on this PC. John and I had an external hard drive with ALL our pictures, music, videos, etc. The most important pics and files were still on my pc but because of the virus I cleaned everything. I went back the next morning to copy the stuff from my backup and you…

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    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

    **I had a blog written the other day about all this and was just popping on to wish everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS and now I’ll re-write the blog too!** It’s Christmas Eve…wow, did the time ever fly! There are sooo many presents under the tree. We are going to be going to going to Ed and Kelli’s later today! Then Stellarton. Then Pomquet on Boxing Day. Then Moncton for 5/6 days. Then off to Chateau Boutilier for a couple. We are becoming ‘hobos’ for the holidays living out of our suitcase!! Oh well, it’s worth it. We’ve had meetings here since we got to Stellarton on the 21st. The first…

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    Another Rant *Sigh*

    I’m just so…so…so….AHHHHHHH! I’m frustrated and disappointed in myself (even though I have no reason to be). I had that final I was dreading today…from the psychotic prof. Well I managed to get through the 22 chapters, 5 online readings, and a complete other text (100 pages). I knew this stuff inside and out! There was no stopping me! I even knew the images in the text like she asked! One would think that would be enough, no not quite. There were images on the exam, about half of them that weren’t in the text. I have no idea where she got them. Then the exam essays (2) were supposed…

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    Update: We’ve met with the photographer for the wedding and we booked him (it’s no longer tentative)!! YAHOOO! My dress will be in a few shorts weeks…well a month, it’s so exciting! We bought my shoes for the big day. As long as the heel is tall enough no more shoe shopping. However, I did find the shoes I will buy if I need to. 😉 They are beautiful…sparkle so much…more money than I want to spend and I can’t walk in them so hopefully these pink shoes will work. *fingers crossed* School update: 2 papers due this week and exams start a week from Friday! 3 more weeks and…

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    I Could Just SCREAM *@&#^

    ARGH. I feel the need the scream and shake my prof violently. First off it’s a course I don’t like in the first place…it’s the one “arts” course I had to take to complete requirements. It’s a cumulative exam…well just the essays and we don’t know what those are so we have to study 3 textbooks and notes covering 5000yrs of information. Ok, if that’s not bad enough she tells us TODAY that we have to have ALL the IMAGES in our biggest textbook (400 pages) memorized for the exam. WTF!? Maybe you could have been telling us this all along so we could study/memorize them as we go. We…


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