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    Puppy Love

    Some people have asked if we ever regretted getting a dog. I can honestly say no. More honestly some days I think how much easier things (i.e. travel) would be but then I’d miss the interaction between E and Scotia. I must also admit, I do like being pregnant for the simple fact that the dog actually pays attention to me. Well, curls up and sleeps by my side or feet depending on where I am sitting. She doesn’t do this when I’m not pregnant for some reason. I have admitted that if we found out we were expecting E the weekend before we wouldn’t have made that trip to…

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    Responsible Dog Owners

    So we were the responsible dog owners over the weekend as well. We went and got her rabies shot so we could get her licensed. We were going to wait until after she was fixed and until her next appt. so she’d get her rabies with her booster then. But we had to go in to get her checked so thought, we might as well get it now so we can get her tags just in case she ever gets lost/runs away. We don’t want a ticket from by-law and it’s only $15 to license a puppy anyways. So why take the risk. So on the back of the tag,…

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    I don’t like this bath

    Here’s the one picture we have of the process. She looks mangy and woul not look at the camera. She squirmed and squirmed and wanted out. It took me getting in the tub with her and holding her while J shampooed and rinsed her off. I tell you, the process would have been a whole lot simpler if we had a shower head that was mobile. We had to use a juice pitcher to rinse her off. And she really hates how loud the tap is without the shower being on. It scares her or something. But yes, you see correct we are using Johnsons & Johnsons on her. That’s…

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    Scotia’s 1st Bath

    So we took on the task of washing our pup today.  It was quite the process. She was quite dirty since we have no grass in our backyard.  Plus her fur wasn’t as soft anymore. We had all intentions of chronicling it because I love wet dog pictures but as you will see later (probably tomorrow) it was impossible. We hadn’t expected it would go down that way because she loves water. When we are showering she is at the curtain trying to get in and play in the water. Heck, one day she wanted in so bad J picked her up and took her in the shower with him.…


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