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    Well, it’s Friday….

    ….almost! Thursday night. Close enough to Friday. Relaxing like it’s Friday. And there is just one day of work left in this long work week. Next week will be a short week. Holiday on Tuesday. A couple hours off on Thursday to go to the dentist and then next Friday off to hang out with J and Dad and go to the dentist. Oh the dentist, it’s going to be lots of dollar signs for them. I can’t wait. Not. But I want to say that I had a day like I had during my first 3 weeks of work. It was nice. I did all the activities. I sung…

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    Grey’s Night starts again

    AND bring on the Office!! I’m pumped and can’t wait. Wonder what it all holds!?!?! I’m going to have to download one of them since they are both on at the same time. Maybe I’ll download both then I don’t have to deal with commercials. Hrmm, that would be sweet. I wouldn’t have to wait and wonder and deal with dumb commercials. Nor would have to waste 30+ minutes of my life. Oh I can’t wait to see what happens. The Office better come back as funny as it has been. I have no worries b/c Dwight and Jim together are perfection.

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    Grey’s Night (Season 5)

    Holy shit. I saw this preview on tv and it was so good that I had to go find it online for the whole world to see. This promo excites me sooo much. Grey’s is going to be frickin’ awesome this season!! I CANNOT WAIT. Seriously. This post contains a small spoiler. So incase you don’t want to be spoiled, I used a show/hide feature. So if you want to know/read it click the like show when you see it. If you don’t and want to wait and find things out on your own just skip over the ‘show’ link and continue on. It’s a crappy video but it’s the…

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    Grey’s Night is back

    The words I have been longing to say for months, Grey’s is back! I wonder what is going to happen. Last we knew Bailey’s husband packed up his shit and moved into a hotel after Tuck almost died. McDreamy is going on a date with another…good for him, Meredith is a headcase. haha The whole McSteamy & Honn interaction is great….I’m glad to see Callie has a friend again. George & Lexi are getting a place…Get rid of that gross Izzie & George situation. Puke. Ouuu I wonder what is going to be happening. Are they going to write in McSteamy’s skin cancer from real life?! Hrmmm, lets see. I…

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    In need of a laugh

    This is my favourite SNL skit of recent. Then next comes Homelessville which I previously posted. Good ol’ Justin Timberlake, who would have thought he would have been funny. But that whole episode he did last December was genius! 🙂 Step 1….. (lol)


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