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Oh where art thou?!

Posted by on January 2, 2009

Oh where art thou

Who would have thought that this little bottle is MIA in Alberta.

I went searching for it everywhere so I could make melon ball drinks but of all the liquor stores here NONE carry McGuiness Melon. They carry every other kind of McGuiness but not the one I need. Of course.

I hopefully will be able to find it in Calgary or it’s another thing to add to my list in June when I’m back home.

5 Responses to Oh where art thou?!

  1. liz

    Have you looked for Midori from Suntory?

  2. liz

    Have you tried Suntory’s Midori Melon?

    • Laura

      No I’ve never heard of it actually. But I definitely haven’t seen it. The only melon ones I’ve seen was a real expensive one that started with “h” and one real cheapy one that sketched me out. lol

  3. Shooter

    That’s because DeKuyper, who distributes the Melon liqeur, has changed around its product lines and distrubution.
    Alberta has more melon options than you think – check out their database that shows every product you can get in Alberta – it’s at'MELON‘,FULLTEXTSTR)%3E0&SQLOrderClause=cspc
    and shows somthing like 30 melon products. One is “631234 MCGUINNESS MELON”, so you can still get it, just write down that number and take it to your liquor store,.
    Or click on the number on that database, and you can search for a store that carries it close to wherever you live. Purdy cool!

  4. Laura

    FOUND IT!!!!

    But then I bought a new kind I’ve never seen before at the same location. Go figure eh!?

    I like the “old” kind better so once this is gone I’m back to McGuiness.

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