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Ok, it’s been a while….time for a daily rant


I’ve been sitting back and not saying anything for a while. Nor would I to someone’s face. However, this is my blog.  Therefore my rules. :p

I haven’t had a good ol’ rant in quite sometime.  However, what is getting to me is text messaging!!!

It’s a great invention. A great way to keep in touch with people when you don’t have time for a conversation.  When you want an “out” in a situation.  When you don’t have long distance it’s cheaper to text than to call. BUT, using text messaging while driving is DUMB. You are going to hit yourself or someone else or MORE IMPORTANTLY you are going to hurt me.  Then I’ll be real angry.

It’s bad enough that people (and yes, I’m guilty too) dial cell phones while driving but to concentrate on the road, the steering wheel and working your two fingers to write SENTENCES (it’s not even a word, but multiple words) is going to get you into trouble. It can wait two secs. Heck, you’ll probably hit a red light within a minute so it’s ok. If it’s that important, pull the fuck over! (lol)

But quite possibly what may get to me more than texting drivers is “secret” (and I use that term loosely) text messagers. It’s friggin rude.  WE SEE YOU. Do you not think the gestures under the table give you away?!? Heck, a bright light turns on when you open the screen. At least if you are going to do it, you tell the people you are talking to.If it’s a situation where you wouldn’t pick up a phone at that minute without saying something, you probably shouldn’t be texting. A random message here and there is no biggie but then there are the constant texters.

Man, everyone says “excuse me” or “I gotta take this” or something when the phone rings. It should be the same ettiquette with text messaging conversations.  Everyone is sitting around talking and there is someone with their head down not being overly attentive and preoccupied. Did you seriously think you were fooling anyone?

Just take the time to say, one sec or excuse me when you are TALKING in a conversation. You can’t pay attention to both at the exact same time. Wouldn’t it be rude if you went out to dinner with a friend and all they did was talk on the phone the whole time you were there…heck, it wouldn’t even have to be a dinner scenario…you could be at their place or vice versa.  You would find it very rude and would probably complain about it when you left. Texting is the exact same thing, instead of vocal conversation it’s textual conversation. So think about that. You can’t complain if the next time you come to visit me or take me out and I call my Mother in NS or best friend that I haven’t talked to in quite some time and talk for a majority of the night. Same frickin thing.

Maybe people don’t think about it in terms like that. But they should. It’s how the rest of the world sees it and it’s common courtesy. Be polite and don’t hide it. Say something instead of trying to be secretive.  I won’t call you out on it, but I will make fun of you time to time and I may even stop wanting to hang out with you if it gets bad enough. Just something to think about.

End rant.

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