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March 15th

Baby is the size of: a Durian Fruit (~17.2-18.7″ & 4.2-5.8lbs).
As of our ultrasound today this baby is measuring ~4.5lbs

Stretch marks?: Holding strong at 7ish.
Sleep: I only woke twice this past week. Other than that, I only woke when my alarm clock (aka E) went off.
Best moment this past week: We started painting the basement. The end is near. We have set a goal of Sunday to get it done. But hopefully sooner. We started painting and prepping on Saturday during E’s naptime.
Miss Anything?: Orange Juice. I could live off it this week if I could but alas, it’s tres bad for glucose levels!
Movement: Still nuts, except for today when we needed him/her to move during the BPP ultrasound. S/He was good and sound asleep and just wouldn’t budge. Of course. Maybe stubborn like someone else I know. hehe
Food cravings: Orange Juice, Doritos, anything I can’t/shouldn’t have *sigh*
Belly Button in or out?: Flat. Unless the baby is pushing on the belly button in which case it goes out and it frickin’ hurts.
Wedding rings on or off?: Still absolutely no swelling here.
New Symptoms?: None this week. Sugars have been pretty good but insulin has been steadily increasing due to the demand this munchkin places on my body.
Happy or Moody most of the time: A happy and productive week!
Looking forward to: Meeting this little one! Also, if we meet our goal our painting will be done shortly and then it’s time for the ceiling guy to come in and we are waiting on tile for the bathroom. So close.
Total weight gain/loss: 
-2lbs in the past 3 weeks. So I’m up 20.1lbs. Not too shabby.  I’m going to “beat” my previous pregnancy record I think but oh well, your body gains what it needs to. We’ll see what the scale tells me next week.

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