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Adventures in the Kitchen Part II

k here’s the second part that I started yesterday about my awesome invention of apple crisp pie.

But before we begin I must point out the apples. I’ve never cooked with Granny Smiths before. It’s all I had and it was all I could find for bagged apples. So it was cheaper for me to do this for my invention. I would highly recommend Cortland apples (and I would have used them myself if I could have found them. They aren’t in season out here yet or something). So it took longer for the pie to bake than it would have if I had been able to use my darling Cortlands.

So now that that is out of the way, we are off to the races.

You start with 6 medium sized apples.

If only you could have seen my face using my apple slicer/corer of awesomeness. (Yes, if J had angled the picture a little higher you could have seen my face but then I would have to kill you all. And him. It was first thing in the morning and I hadn’t met my friends hair & tooth brush nor their cousin, facecloth).

Now that the apples are sliced throw them into a bowl and add the lemon, 1/2 c. sugar, 4 tbsp. flour *(note: 4 tbsp = 1/4 c.) & cinnamon (add as much as you want. I don’t measure it).

Now set the mixture aside and get back to the pastry. Time to make it round and fill it with apple-y goodness.

Now set that aside and focus on making the topping.Mix the Brown sugar, flour, oats and cinnamon.

Now it’s time for the sweet, sweet topping. I altered mine slightly from the recipe but that is my secret. But the recipe works just as well. I can’t tell all my secrets now can I??? 🙂

Oh yea, I almost forgot. You need to cover the edges with foil so that they don’t burn before the apples are cooked. When I found out I had to cover the edges with tinfoil this is what we came up with. It may look like something from encounters of a third kind but it worked.

Here is the finished product. I may have overcooked it slightly, but those granny smiths don’t cook like what I’m used to. Oh well, learners curve. It still tasted awesome!

I must point out that this masterpiece also had casualties. My fingers. To be more exact my right pointer and middle finger. So feel sorry for me. My tutorial doesn’t come without penalty. Yes, it’s hard to see but the 2 fingers instantly turned white and blistered in those spots.

Voila. Here is the first tutorial I’ve made. Keep your eye out, many more to come. 😉


  • Michelle

    Mmmmm, I love this kind of apple pie! Mom makes it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Crap, now I will be craving this until I get home for the long weekend in October.

    • Laura

      I figured I would try and mix my favourite things. Plus, I’ve made bottomless apple pie lots…now it was time for topless. Well, top-crustless. My “holiday pie” is the bottomless one Gram used to make…man I crave that lots. hehe

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