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Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend was a HUGE success!

Well now, what can I say?!?! My girls threw me the best bachelorette party EVER! I had such a great time…each one of us made it to all the bars on the pubcrawl (planned by Jill) and not one of us got sick! Not sure how that happened but man, I’m glad it did. We even woke up feeling great and then spent the day lounging and eating BBQ’d food at Mary’s and of course, a dip in the pool. It could not have been more perfect in my eyes. It was just what I needed…..a long awaited girls weekend. You should have seen the hotel room when we woke up the next morning…we thrashed it like we were rockstars I guess. Michelle has the “after pics” and I’ll post them when I get them! It wasn’t too hard to clean up though…it helped that there were 5 of us doing it though too!

Let’s see…here was our night…shower at Mary’s (drinking slushes) then off to the hotel around 4:30. We drank, skanked up our shirts, and got ready and were out the door by 7. We were half an hour late already but that was all good. The first bar was Doc’s and man, that was an awesome time. We ran into another bachelor party and were invited to sit with them. Turns out one of the guys with the ‘groom to be’ was a coworker of John’s. C’est all good! We all did shots and drinks when we came in and Carli brought one round of shots and then those guys kept them comin’! It was great…except the bride and groom got all the extras….one was banana….and we all know how I HATE banana! But I was a trooper. We then went to the Old Triangle. Then Cosmo. Then O2. Then cross town to the Rodeo and ended at the Voodoo. My second favourite time was at the Rodeo. I loved the music and had room to dance and just an all around good time!! Woohoo. The night was pretty much a blur but I had a sweet time and can’t wait for another pubcrawl.

I hope that the pictures Lisa took on the disposable turn out because no one else took their camera. There should be some pretty cool shots…I hope!

Thanks for the AWESOME weekend girls!! It was amazing!

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