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    Pearl Jam x2!! :D

    So almost 5 years to the day we went and saw Pearl Jam for the second time. ¬†Last time Halifax, this time Calgary. I now have officially seen every Pearl Jam song live that I could want/think of. Well, I hope not to think of others because this was probably the last time I will be in the presence of Eddie Vedder & co. So be prepared to “ouuu & ahhh” and be amazed with my Pearl Jam experiences. Release Go Last Exit Given To Fly Lukin Insignificance Big Wave Unthought Known Deep Light Years It Happened Today Setting Forth Brain Of J. Johnny Guitar Just Breathe Parachutes Rats The…

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    What I Hate about Summer

    Most people say the heat. The humidity. Mosquitoes. I say Black Socks. Yes. You read that right. I said black socks. I hate black socks. Always have, probably always will. I will admit there is a time and a place for them (i.e. Men in suits, etc) but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. But you are probably wondering why that involves me hating summer. Well, the 2 are interconnected. J wears black socks to work because he has to wear stinky steel toes. ¬†Especially ripe in the summer months. But pretty much as soon as he gets home, off come the socks. Understandably so I must admit.…

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    Grrr to hackers

    So I awake yesterday morning, like every other Sunday morning — dragging my feet, to find out that my website had been hacked. How annoying. Why anyone would bother to do it is beyond me.¬† It’s just a personal blog. Needless to say, I was pissed and a little at a loss. It took me the majority of the day to get it back. I ran into a few glitches with my host and they needed to look into a few things for me. By the time it was all ready to go and I could reinstall applications E was already in bed. We were due to be working on…

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    I shouldn’t be up. But here I am.

    Well, it’s 1:05am and I sit here waiting for E to wake up. I know it’s going to happen in the next 30 min for sure. He’s like clockwork like that. In fact, he’s starting to coo and caw in his sleep as I typed that. Because I know this is going to happen I wasn’t able to sleep like I desperately need. Instead I’m farting around on facebook and the internet in general and now the blog while I sit here listening the rhythmic sway of the babe’s swing and to J, Scotia, and E who are all sleeping around me. It’s kind of torture. But I know myself.…


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